The Literary Path: How Dr. Stefanie Caeners Found her Passion
The Bookshop PodcastNovember 13, 2023x
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The Literary Path: How Dr. Stefanie Caeners Found her Passion

Imagine having an indie bookstore all to yourself for an entire night. Join me in this episode as I chat with fellow book lover and Bookstagrammer, Dr. Stefanie Caeners, a Literary Studies lecturer who had just that experience. We talk about indie bookshops, books we love, Edinburgh, and reading.

Stefanie's journey is a fascinating one. From discovering her love for Southern California at the tender age of 16, choosing an office job over college, to her apprenticeship in the media business, and finally, her transition into studying literature, it's a story worth hearing.

Stefanie's passion for British literature will captivate you, as will her insights on the topic of her PhD thesis and the freedom she found in studying something she adored.

Dr. Sefanie Caeners

Stefanie on Instagram

The Wishing Game, Meg Shaffer

Books by Stephen King

A Quiet Life, Ethan Joella

Yellowface, Rebecca F. Kuang

Farrell Covington and the Limits of Style, Paul Rudnick

James Fahy

The Displacements, Bruce Holsinger

The House in the Cerulean Sea, TJ Klune

Days at the Morisaki Bookshop, Satoshi Yagisawa

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