Swimming Beyond Borders: Lynne Cox on Open Water Triumphs and Fostering Global Harmony
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Swimming Beyond Borders: Lynne Cox on Open Water Triumphs and Fostering Global Harmony

From the rain-soaked dreams of a young girl in Manchester, New Hampshire, to swimming in some of the world's most formidable waters, open water swimmer, writer, motivational speaker, and beacon of inspiration, Lynn Cox has lived a tale of endurance.

Over the course of more than 35 years, Lynne accomplished swims setting world records, opening borders, contributed to medical research, supported environmental causes, and inspired people to pursue their dreams. At age 14 she swam 26 miles from Catalina Island to the California mainland. At ages 15 and 16, she broke the men’s and women’s world records for swimming the English Channel—a 33-mile crossing in 9 hours, 33 minutes, achieving her first record as the youngest and fastest in 1972. At age 18, she swam the 20-mile Cook Strait between North and South Islands of New Zealand. She was also the first to swim the Cape of Good Hope and the Strait of Magellan, the latter being the most treacherous 3-mile stretch of water in the world.

Lynne is best known for her swim across the Bering Strait on 7 August 1987. The swim opened the border between the US and Soviet Union. Both US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev hailed her accomplishment at the signing of the INF Missile Treaty at the White House. 

As a world-class athlete, Lynne has championed the sport of open-water swimming, advocated for Title IX, and managed the U.S. women’s water polo and led efforts to establish women’s water polo as an Olympic sport.

Lynne's books include Swimming to Antarctica, Grayson, Open Swimming Manual, Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas, Swimming in the Sink, and Tales of Al The Water Rescue Dog.

Lynne Cox

Lynne Cox Books

This Is Love 

Swimming to Antarctica: Tales of a Long-Distance Swimmer, Lynne Cox

Grayson, Lynne Cox

Yoshi, Sea Turtle Genius, Lynne Cox

Tales of Al:The Water Rescue Dog, Lynne Cox

Swimming in the Sink: A Memoir, Lynne Cox

South of the Sun: Roald Amundsen, His Polar Explorations, and the Quest for Discovery, Lynne Cox

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