Healing Verses: The Journey of the Poetry Pharmacy with Deborah Alma
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Healing Verses: The Journey of the Poetry Pharmacy with Deborah Alma

In this epsidoe, I chat with Deborah Alma, the visionary co-founder of the Poetry Pharmacy, in Shropshire, UK, about how poetic verses can be the balm for our emotional ailments. Our conversation flourishes through Deborah’s inspiring tale of the ‘emergency poet’ and her evolution towards establishing a tranquil sanctuary where poetry is the prescription. The nooks and crannies of this episode are filled with insights into how the vintage ambulance that once delivered urgent poetic care transformed into a physical haven, complete with a coffee shop for contemplative sips and a physic garden where thoughts can bloom into written words.

My own odyssey intertwines with the narrative tapestry of this episode, weaving through a life rich with varied careers, from the bustling streets of London to the serene landscapes of Wyoming. Literature has been the compass guiding me across continents to my heartfelt involvement in community engagement, culminating in the creation of this podcast amidst the uncertainties of a global pandemic. Together with Deborah Alma's enchanting story, we celebrate the diverse and colorful lives that shape the literary world, reminding us that amidst the shelves and pages of independent bookshops lies the connective power of storytelling that unites us all.

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