Chrissy Ryan: Cultivating Reading and Community at BookBar
The Bookshop PodcastMarch 25, 2024x
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Chrissy Ryan: Cultivating Reading and Community at BookBar

In this episode, I chat with Chrissy Ryan, the owner of BookBar, an independent bookshop, cafe and wine bar, events and social space centered around celebrating the social side of reading.

Chrissy's tale is not just about the mingling of books and wine; it's a celebration of community, a confluence of conversation starters, and a testament to the connective power of stories. From the unique 'Books and Bangers' DJ nights to the innovative 'Shelf Medicate' program, discover how Bookbar turns the solitary act of reading into a shared cultural experience.

Join us as we reflect on our personal narratives, including the idyllic Barefoot Bookseller experience, and the return to the urban landscape where Bookbar stands as a beacon for those yearning for both escapism and connection. Your next favorite read—or perhaps your next convivial book club discussion—awaits within this episode.

Book Bar

Pachinko, Min Jin Lee

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, Gabrielle Zevin

 Come and Get It, Kiley Reid

 Clear, a novel, Carys Davies

 Claire Keegan

 A Heart That Works, Rob Delaney 

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