Ann Seaton: Co-Executive Director, California Independent Booksellers Alliance
The Bookshop PodcastMarch 18, 2024x
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Ann Seaton: Co-Executive Director, California Independent Booksellers Alliance

In this episode, I chat with Ann Seaton, Co-Executive Director of the California Independent Booksellers Alliance. Anne brings the narrative of indie bookshops to life, highlighting how they serve as cultural hubs in their communities.

Discover the steadfast mission of CALIBA to bolster the diverse fabric of independent bookstores, and learn why your choice of where to buy books can be a powerful statement in sustaining local gems. We also delve into the Mosaic Committee's efforts to foster inclusivity and representation in literature, celebrating BIPOC bookstores and their enriching contributions.

Prepare to be inspired as we uncover the pivotal shifts within the indie bookstore scene and scrutinize the crucial role of forward-thinking millennials in this transformation. It's more than just a conversation; it's an homage to the community pillars that are independent bookshops, and a call to action for listeners to become a part of the story that keeps these cultural cornerstones thriving.

California Independent Booksellers Alliance

The Paris Bookseller, Kerri Maher

Black Lives Matter

American Dirt, Jeanine Cummins

Underground Books, Sacramento

Bel Canto Books, Long Beach, CA

Lessons, Ian McEwan

Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm, David M. Masumoto 

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