Sheryl Shurville's Journey: From Nursing to Nurturing Bookshops
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Sheryl Shurville's Journey: From Nursing to Nurturing Bookshops

Ever wonder how a small indie bookstore doesn't just survive, but thrive in today's digital age? Meet Sheryl Shurville, the dynamic co-owner of the Chiltern Bookshops; Chorleywood and Gerrards Cross in the UK. Sheryl's fascinating journey from nursing to bookselling is one that will inspire you, as she shares the secrets behind the success of her bookshops. From celebrating Chorleywood Bookshop's 50-year anniversary to discussing the distinct curation of books in her two bookshops, Sheryl's anecdotes are a treat for every book lover.

Sheryl gives insight into the extensive school programs and unique services her bookshops offer, including their response to COVID with a pre-ordering system and the creation of the “Gift A Book” donation program. Sheryl's observations of the changing publishing landscape and how her bookshops have managed to evolve, are particularly enlightening. From organizing literary festivals to cheese tastings, her innovation is impressive. Her current reads, her dedication to community engagement, and the passion she pours into her bookshops make this episode an enlightening journey into the world of indie bookselling.
Chiltern Bookshops – Chorleywood and Gerrards Cross

Maggie O’Farrell Books

Barbara Kingsolver Books

Unlawful Killing, Wendy Joseph KC

David Mitchell Books

Yotam Ottolenghi Books

Toni Morrison Books

Ian McEwan Books

Katherine Heiny Books

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