Exploring the Power of Writing in Processing Grief with Dina Gachman
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Exploring the Power of Writing in Processing Grief with Dina Gachman

Have you ever pondered the profound impact that writing can have on the processing of grief? Join me as I walk through this journey with award-winning journalist and best-selling ghostwriter, Dina Gachman. Her captivating journey from a horse-loving child writer to an influential scribe is a riveting one. We touch on the fuels of her creativity, and delve into her new book of essays, So Sorry for Your Loss: How I Learned to Live with Grief, and Other Grave Concerns, which is a deep dive into the varied manifestations of grief.

Did you know the loss of a pet could be a child's first encounter with grief? This episode also explores the universal experience of grief as Dina and I share personal anecdotes like the one about Adrian the toad, and how such experiences often serve as poignant life lessons. We also traverse the emotional landscape of grief, the importance of acknowledging it, and the collective guilt that a family may endure due to substance abuse. Tune in to this beautiful conversation that is as heartwarming as it is healing.

Dina Gachman

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