Exploring the Art of Mystery Writing and Magic with Crime Fiction Author Tom Mead
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Exploring the Art of Mystery Writing and Magic with Crime Fiction Author Tom Mead

Tease your curiosity with Tom Mead, a UK crime fiction author whose passion for golden age mystery authors and locked room mysteries will captivate your attention. Tom unravels the craft of creating an intriguing whodunit, discussing locked room and closed circle mysteries, and the allure of puzzle style mysteries that have fascinated readers for centuries.

We then dive into the fascinating intersection of mystery writing and magic. Through Tom's insights, we discover how principles used by magicians can be instrumental in mystery writing. We also take a peep into the golden age of mystery pre-World War II England through Tom's meticulous research process and his use of language. Engage with an author's journey from a first manuscript to a publishing deal, as Tom shares his experiences with The Mysterious Press, an Imprint of Penzler Publishers. This episode is a treat for all mystery lovers, filled with rich insights, captivating anecdotes and a deep dive into the world of locked room mysteries.

Tom Mead is a UK crime fiction author specialising in locked-room mysteries. He is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association and the International Thriller Writers’ Organization. His debut novel, Death And The Conjuror, featured magician-detective Joseph Spector who also appears in his new novel is The Murder Wheel.

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